Services & On Site Productions

large_216Custom Woodworking: The Woodworking Department produces a wide variety of products for commercial and residential customers upon receiving contracts or single orders. To meet this demand the Woodworking Department employs participants all year. A wide variety of hand and power tools are utilized for training; experience in this area is acquired based on preference and ability. Our biggest production every year is lawn furniture however; new projects are continuously being undertaken as there is an increasing demand for handcrafted items. Some examples of our best sellers are: picnic tables, adirondack chairs, benches, lawn swings, washer (ring) toss, kindling, survey stakes and more. Our Woodworking crew is experienced and welcomes any new job or inquiry.

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large_PXK55279_0Property Maintenance: The Property Maintenance Department provides quality services, commercially or residentially, for contract or occasional customers at a competitive rate. We strive to provide you with the best care by having clean, functional and appropriately sized equipment for the job at hand and we work hard to maintain your property as you would like to have it. Examples of some of our services are: lawn cutting, spring/fall clean up, wood piling, brush & limb cutting, bush hogging and hedging. We welcome special requests and provide free estimates. To request a quote or for more information email:

large_PXK52692_1632x2464XTR Gas & Go: CRIA’s XTR Gas & Go, formally the Co-op, officially opened on January 21, 2008. It is believed that we are the first such organization in Canada to own and operate this type of facility; operated by participants with staff support. Participants are taught retail, customer service and social skills as well as how to safely dispense petroleum products. Over the span of each month the majority of our participants are scheduled at the Gas Bar, and our employee roster continues to grow. The opportunity for community inclusive employment was well received among our participants and customers, and sales have continued to increase due to the support of our surrounding communities. We offer Regular gas, Diesel, a stock of automotive fluids, plus the benefits of full serve, we are striving to provide a service in this industry that is all too hard to find. With smaller full serve gas stations closing their doors at a rapid rate, we’re positive that if it weren’t for satisfied repeat customers we wouldn’t be as successful as we are today. Please stop by some time and take advantage of the benefits of full serve and give back to the community while assisting our participants to learn and acquire new skills and abilities.

Post Office: Effective the beginning of July 2012 we opened the doors of Lawrencetown’s new Post Office.  The Post Office offers full retail mail service as well as 24 hour box access.  Hours of operation are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday – located at 445 Main Street in Lawrencetown.

Other Services: We currently roll and deliver over 800 weekly sales flyers to homes in the Middleton & Lawrencetown area and are also available for commercial packaging, photocopying services, collating coupons, delivering phone books, recycling, debris removal and various other contracts. Contact Carleton Road Industries Association as we may be the company for the job.