Developmental Services – Life Skills Program

large_PXK56757 copyThe Life Skills program provides qualified instruction in all areas of life skills; this could include but is not limited to: communication, problem solving, assertiveness training, personal growth & development, budgeting, math, cooking, braille and personal presentation. The Life Skills program originated from a pilot project introduced in January 2002, where participants were divided into groups that attended classroom instruction the same day each week for a 3 month period. Instruction was provided on subjects identified as areas of need for the group and the group identified needs. The overwhelming positive response from the pilot project prompted Carleton Road Industries Association (CRIA) to provide this program on an ongoing basis. Participation in the Life Skills program is open to all who attend Carleton Road Industries and suggestions for material to be covered within are welcomed.

Employment Programs:

large_PXK52205Community (Supported) Employment: This program offers participants who have demonstrated their work preparedness, employment opportunities within the community with support to attain and maintain employment. Options for the Supported Employment Program can be individual jobs, mobile work crews or work stations at an equitable wage in the competitive marketplace. These placements vary both in schedule and duration and are specific to the needs and abilities of the participant and the business. CRIA may perform the duty of developing job opportunities through education of employers, partnerships with other community resources, etc.

large_PXK52492 copyBroadened Day Options: The Centre offers options of service, which differ from the conventional on and off-site vocational programs. Broadened Day Options are programs designed based on the individual needs of the person. This is an alternative to paid employment placement and offers opportunities for community integration socialization and development of skills and abilities. Provisions of these services must clearly concentrate on the individual’s choice, strengths, and needs. This program may include recreational or educational opportunities and volunteer placements.

School to Work Transition: This program is offered to students who have been identified with a disability and require individualized programming. This transitional process is at least three years in duration (three years remaining prior to graduation) and is entered co-operatively at the request of a student, school representative, or parent/guardian. CRIA has a commitment to school and community partners to participate in transition planning so that these students may experience good quality of life in the community as adults.

Other Programs:

large_PXK59039Health & Wellness Program: A program implemented to assist and encourage participant’s to live a healthy lifestyle by making healthy food choices and exercising. Education on following Canada’s food guide and instruction on preparing healthy meals and snacks is provided through our Cooking class offered in the Life Skills program. This program also encompasses a recreation and leisure component which CRIA encourages participants to partake in activities at the Centre. This could be utilizing one of the several pieces of exercise equipment on site, participating in sporting activities, attending CRIA’s summer camp, social days or various other activities held on/off site.