Kijiji Fundraising Initiative on 3rd run

In early January, CRIA attempted our second "trade up" utilizing Kijiji, our first ad began again with a bag of kindling.  Within a day we had traded our bag of kindling for a used set of tires with approximately 50 percent treadwear remaining.  We traded the tires for a drill, mitre saw and some other shop tools, with this trade we decided to keep the tools to utilize in our Woodworking Department.  We view this trade to be successful as well due  to the fact that we are regularly requiring new tools and equipment to continue producing quality woodworking items.

Today we commenced our third Kijiji "trade up" ad, we anticipate this attempt to be equally as exciting and succesful.  To view our ad visit Kijiji and search Ad ID 355441877.

Thanks to all who have followed us in these attempts and check back regularly.